Music Repertoire

Our 1200 piece repertoire is the largest in Dallas and throughout the US.

Violin on sheet music

You will choose from a huge range of music including: Classical, Popular & Modern, Musicals, TV & Film, Jazz Favourites, Big Band, Bond Music, Beatles, Spanish, Opera, Viennese, Romantic Classical, Folk Music, Jewish Music, Welsh Music, Scottish Music, Chinese Music, Hymns & Christmas Carols.

Our full repertoires are below our videos.

Two Dedicated YouTube Channels

YouTube video channelOur excellent YouTube video channel is The String Ensemble Channel. We have uploaded over 70 videos of our quartet performing for you to watch. Please click on the Icon to the left to access our channel.

YouTube audio channelOur YouTube music recordings channel is String Ensemble Music. We have uploaded 350 recordings of us performing to help you choose the pieces you want played. All of the pieces recorded on this site are in our vast repertoire below. Please click on the Icon to the left to access the channel.