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Some more information about our services

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How can we book you?

Please contact us via the submission form on our website and we will send you a full quotation including availability, fees and a booking form.
To complete a booking please fill in the booking form and email it to us and make your deposit payment to any of the payment methods at the bottom of your quotation which you received. We shall then respond with a booking confirmation and the ways in which you can choose your music. You can pay your balance in either cleared funds (cash) prior to performance on the day, or by bank transfer at an earlier point.

Will you perform at more than one venue?

Yes we will travel between more than one venue. If needed this would be done within the total time period that you book us for.

How long can we book you for?

As a general rule there is no maximum length, however the normal length for a booking is between two and six hours.

Can you also perform as a trio?

Yes, we can. Please see our string trio repertoire on the repertoire page of our website. A trio consists of a violin, viola & cello. It is also cheaper than a full quartet, so very handy if money is an issue.

Can I choose the music I want?

Yes, you can choose any piece from our repertoire list, or we can assist you. Most couples like to a few pieces especially for the wedding ceremony and then leave the rest to us. You can however pick all of them if you wish. If you would like a piece that we don’t have, we can have it arranged for you for a small extra fee.

Does a string quartet play at the wedding ceremony?

We normally perform for twenty minutes at your pre-ceremony as your guests arrive, then during your walk down the aisle, the signing of the register, and when you exit from the room. After this you will want some background music for around ten minutes as guests leave. Other ceremonies need additional music depending upon your requirements. We can tailor ourselves to your needs.

Can we perform at a drinks reception and a wedding breakfast?

Yes, of course. We can perform at your reception as your guests arrive, for pre-reception drinks, and as the reception itself is underway.

Why do prices vary between string quartets?

Pricing is set using a number of factors. One corresponds to the level of professionalism and experience, while another is the repertoire on offer. We offer a unique service, with a huge repertoire containing over 1200 pieces from Vivaldi to Lady Gaga, containing probably the largest collection in Britain to choose from. Underlying this experience is our many years of national and international concert performances as individual musicians. Our highly professional approach is evident from the point we quote you, to the end of our performance. We pride ourselves in our confident and capable manner in any venue from churches, to hotels, to garden parties.

What type of dress do you wear?

We will normally be very well dressed as is required for formal occasions. We can however dress in brighter more summer colours if requested.

Do you take breaks?

We normally take around fifteen minutes for every two hours booked. For example a four hour booking would normally attract only a fifteen minute break at a convenient time so as not to disrupt your event. For a two hour booking we normally don’t take breaks unless requested to perform for two separate one hour sets.

Will you perform outside, and do you have any requirements?

If requested we would be delighted to perform outside. The British weather however presents its own unique challenges at all times of the year. Being a professional quartet we perform using the finest instruments which may have a combined value of over £100,000. They are irreplaceable and must be protected from UV rays (Sun) and rain, making outside cover possibly required. A marquee, awning, large umbrella, extended canopy or the inside of a doorway is preferable. The decision whether to perform outside will be made by their musicians at the time of performance and you agree that their decision will be final. Level ground, protection from high winds, adequate lighting and four chairs without arms are also necessary. Performances may be moved indoors due to weather conditions. We do not supply cover of any kind.

How do you time the music for our wedding ceremony?

Easy, we arrive early to speak to your priest or registrar. They give us a nod or cue of some order as you arrive, and we start playing during your entrance. After this, cues happen during the signing of the register and your exit.

What instruments do you have in a Trio or Quartet?

Trio combination - 1 violin, 1 viola, 1 cello.
Quartet combination - 2 violins 1 viola 1 cello.

Can we have music which is not on your repertoire lists?

Simply put, yes. If we can obtain it for free we will, however if not it would require a professional arrangement. There would be an arrangement fee charged by the professional arranger for this service, and we would normally require around one month’s notice. Please contact us for further details on this.

Do you play at other events other than weddings?

Yes. We are regularly performers at parties, company events, product launches anniversaries, business dinners and trade shows.